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've got cut-rate insurance, it might not pay for this. so get allstate. you could save cash and be better protected from mayhem... whoo-hoo! like me. [ dennis ] mayhem is everywhere. so get an allstate agent. are you in good hands? >> charles: look at that. kansas state in 1999. offensive touchdown. >> gus: an elated k state. gets up to about the 24. now, this week the fox college po poll, which one lost the best chance contending for the bcs title. >> charles: they have the week off. guess what. next week you know who they host, the big red elephants from alabama. but alabama has to get to mississippi state tonight who is undefeated on the season. they're thinking big trying to get to 8-0. oklahoma is hosting notre dame tonight and usc is making a pretty big case. can anyone cover marquis' lead? >> gus: he'll lose yardage on the play. jonathan truman, a loss of 2. >> charles: we talk about hybrid players. take a look at justin togle on this play, number 2. he's a former quarterback who found a home on the defensive side of the football, the pass rusher, in certain situations. >> gus: th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1